Auto Electrical Repairs

Nissan Mistral or Terrano drivers door electric window

I recently repaired my 96 Nissan Mistral where the drivers door window was not functioning. Tapping the door would make it work sometimes. I purchased a motor which I still have in stock should you want it. The problem was not the motor as I suspected. It was the electronics module in the door.

If you have a problem like this, give me a call and I will either replace the motor or fix the module for $250 +gst, includes complete job, this much cheaper than you can buy either part. If you can get your car to my workshop in Auckland's North Shore I will happily do this for you.

Jaguar Xj6 Xj8 rear tail lights staying on

I repaired my fathers XJ6 that had this issue. There was a shorted mosfet transistor in the boot module. This module is really expensive and needs reprogramming, so you really want to change the transistor and be good too go quickly at low cost with out all the fuss.

if you have this issue I will sort it all out for $220 +gst. I have the special Jaguar mosfets transistors in stock. You can also send me your module and I will fix it for $160 +gst.

Jaguar Daimler Series 1 XJ6

I have a passion for Series 1 XJ6 Jaguars and know their electrical systems inside out. I also have a stack of parts for them. If you would like someone passionate about the Series One to work on your car then let me know.

A couple of good upgrades I did on mine to make it much more reliable was 1) I added a GM 100 amp alternator. Now the lights don't go dim when you are at a stop light with the wipers on. 2) I added an electronic ignition which fits inside the distributor (invisible). This was great as you never have to adjust or replace the points again and the dwell adjustment vanishes from the system.



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