Dyson vacuum cleaner reviews

Are Dyson vacuum cleaners reliable?

Firstly people say "if you fix 15 Dyson's a week they must be unreliable". Well if I gave you a "reliable Toyota" car and you never changed the oil and treated the car badly, would it be reliable? of course not. Like any "good machine" if you maintain it well and don't abuse it, the machine will be very reliable. So yes, "most" Dyson's are very reliable if you treat them well.

Before I write anymore, please note that these are "my opinions" and if you do not agree, please drop me an email with your concern and i will do my best to make amends if you have a good point. Also, this page is work in progress so it is not complete. but I will add to it as I discover more good and bad things relating to Dyson's.

What Dyson's are the most reliable

Upright Model

The best upright models ever made has to be a DC14 followed by DC15 and then DC07 and here is why.

DC14 - It has a large bin, it was the second model to have the easy push button on the bin to empty the dirt. It has a single motor which makes it very reliable. It has the most common motor and filters so parts are plentiful and will be around for a long time yet. The biggest thing is these machines are really reliable. The only thing you could knock them on is they are pretty clumsy for vacuuming stairs.

More to come....

Barrel or Canister Model

The best canister style model ever made is the DC19 followed by and DC08. These machines all share a lot of components. A lot of the parts like filters and motors are compatible which means parts will be available practically forever. These machines are good on stairs too. The weakest part on these is the air driven turbine contact head. If you keep them clean, don't let them vacuum strong cotton and moisture, they can be quite reliable.

More to come....

What are the worst Dyson vacuum cleaners?

I wonder if I should write this, as they say if you have something bad to say, don't say it. I also don't want to upset my local agent as I really appreciate all their support. What I will do is comment on some particular parts that bother me.

The DC21 motor head model. While this is probably one of the most powerful cleaners around I think it is over complicated and could cost you in repairs. Because the power is run though the hose it has a lot of expensive parts that can fail, not to mention the hose blocks much easier with the cable inside there. just one little split in the hose will cost a lot to repair as it has all the wiring inside.

The DC41 is not my favourite and here is why. The red button on the bin, a $5 part can break easily and the repair is "buy a whole new cyclone" which is a shame. The motors in these are extremely hard to replace as well. It has about four times the number of screws that a DC14 has.

More to come....

Important things you should know about when owning a Dyson.

1) Never use carpet powder, cyclone's cannot remove fine powder which which will block your filters. Once your filter are blocked the motor will over heat and fail. Carpet foams seem to be okay. We use carpet foams and have no issues. Clean the filter after a carpet foam job to be safe though.

2) Never vacuum gib, drywall or sheetrock dust. it will cause the same as point 1 above.

3) All Dyson's have a "max" label on the bin. If you go past this then the cyclone stops working efficiently and a lot of dirt goes into the filter and blocks it (see 1).

4) Most Dyson's have washable filters. You need to monitor and keep these clean. If you do not overfill your bin these filters will not get dirty very fast at all. Keep that filter clean. Do not put it back in the machine until it is fully dry. Do not wash your hepa filter, you need to replace that every 5 years or so.

5) Does your machine have a rotating brush? Well this needs to be kept clean. I like to pull the hair and stuff out with tweezers, large amounts can be carefully trimmed out with scissors. If you vacuunm up cotton or string then expect trouble, this should be picked up by hand, not with your expensive vacuum cleaner.

6) Some people brag "oh, I clean my cyclone/bin out with compressed air". This is a really stupid thing to do. It puts all that nasty toxic dust into the air. Always wash bins and cyclones with water. They must be fully dry before use. If you are not confident then get a professional like me to do it for you. It can remove a good chunk of that "dog smell" that some machines get.

My Dyson scratched the crap out of my wood floors!

You forgot to read the manual didn't you? You must turn the rotating brush off before running that powerful machine over wood. I haven't found a Dyson where there is not a switch for this. Some of the newer Dyson's do turn the brush on every time you start it which could catch you out. Older machines have a mechanical on/off switch which is more fool proof. e.g. DC14 DC08 turbo head.


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