Mechatronics Internships

We have one or two interns run through "edns" over the semester breaks. This is a good chance to get in and do some practical work. Sign off those required hours. Especially for those keen engineering students.


Why should you do an internship here?

  • I have a large variety of work. Here are some examples. Electrical wiring on appliances, trouble shooting appliances. Soldering. Cad work, Laser cutting. Administration. Customer relations and some random electronic work.
  • I allocate some time per week to work on your own project and guide you through it. I donate parts, my laser cutter and sheets of material to your project.
  • Easy 10:30am start
  • I am affiliated with the local universities and have been a guest lecturer and 4th year project judge at the University of Auckland every year.
  • I have been doing engineering for a long time and have worked at some pretty techy companies designing electronics, software, firmware and mechanical engineering for countless years
  • I have won multiple autonomous robotics competitions. Everyone wants to be good at building robots, right?

What are the terms?

  • Well the bad news is I don't pay interns, but many of them are thankful as my reference can be valuable in job seeking. After working here graduates have an easier time getting a job.
  • A positive can do attitude is essential. Proactive thinking is a bonus I really respect.
  • When you make a mistake don't make excuses. Just say "oops I stuffed up" and we move on.
  • I am going to say this sorry, if you cant use a restroom without making a mess, please apply somewhere else.
Not put off yet? You have that positive attitude? Cool, then please drop me a line. I am sure I can help you a lot. And in return you can help me too.

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